Welcome from FLACS President Dr. Elaine Margarita

Greetings…I am so proud to welcome you to our FLACS website. The FLACS executive board looks forward to sharing ideas, working together, and assisting our membership in addressing our professional endeavors. This, of course, includes, but is not limited to the consortium for the FLACS exams we provide to our constituents. We also want to focus on the professional development needs of our group and the opportunities to strengthen our place in providing quality 21st Century educational programs in world languages.

All about FLACS and our Exams

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Calendar of Events

General Meeting Dates



  • Meeting on Friday, January 30th, 12:30 - 3:00 PM at The Wheatley School.
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  • Opening Meeting (September 19th at the Wheatley School from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm)
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    On the agenda: FLACS updates, exams and conferences.
    Please understand that this is a meeting for FLACS members only. Our FLACS Spring Conference will be open to members and non-members alike; however, our general meetings are for the district employee who has joined FLACS.

LOTE Assessment Information

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Membership Information

FLACS membership must be renewed annually. Now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year. Click on the Membership link above to get started today!

FLACS meets with NYSED

Dear FLACS Members:
This past month was very exciting for the FLACS executive board.Check out the highlights below:
On December 2, 2014 NYSED hosted a meeting to address many of our concerns and interests. The participants at the meeting were: Angelica Infante-Green, NYSED Associate Commissioner for Bilingual Education and Foreign Languages, Lissette Colon-Collins, Assistant to Ms. Green, Dr. Elaine Margarita, President of FLACS, Joan Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of FLACS, Dr. Jennifer Eddy, Assistant Professor of World Language Education and Youth Services at Queens College, and via conference call: John Carlino, Executive Director of NYSAFLT, Francesco Fratto, President Elect of NYSAFLT, and Bill Anderson, 2014 President of NYSAFLT. It truly was a 21st Century meeting. We were productive, flexible, creative, thinking critically as we addressed and solved problems together, demonstrating leadership, and collaborating in innovative ways. Most importantly, we all left the meeting feeling very positive and energized about "World Languages" and our plans for moving forward with highly effective and standards-based instruction, curriculum, and assessments across the state.
Below is a summary of what we discussed.

  1. The State Education Department will transition to the nomenclature of "World Languages" in place of LOTE, in response to the request made by FLACS president, Elaine Margarita.
  2. FLACS exams will be reviewed and analyzed for the following three objectives:
    1. Listed officially as an "approved" assessment on the SED website,
    2. Available as an alternative assessment for the new "Pathways to Graduation" program for a Regents Diploma,
    3. Used to grant credit by examination for ELLs and other extenuating circumstances for students at risk for graduating.
  3. Ms. Infante-Green will request a meeting for this spring with the Board of Regents and the FLACS Executive Board along with Dr. Eddy to present the proposal of SED officially approving FLACS exams.
  4. Future SED calendars will designate FLACS exams on the (3rd) Monday as the official testing date for World Language exams. The FLACS Exams will continue to be posted on the SED website as a viable option for World Language assessments as we are going through the validation process.
  5. The Themes document will replace the Modern Language Syllabus list of "Topics" and will be enhanced to include units developed for each theme.
  6. News item: SED will be adding a new position, an Associate for World Languages, to be announced at a future date.

Ms. Infante-Green asked Elaine Margarita and Joan Anderson, as representatives of FLACS, to attend meetings with SED every other month. We agreed to meet in January at a date to be arranged.
Warm regards and Happy Holidays!